Sprint & Ab Workout

Hi friends! Just popping in for a quick workout post today.

I feel like it has been forever since I’ve posted a workout. Oops! I’ve been doing a sprint workout once a week and have not gotten around to posting it — sorry! Otherwise my workouts consist of straight running, yoga or Insanity so not much excitement to share.

Anyways, yesterday I completed this Sprint & Ab Workout after a quick 3km (1.8 mile) run. I did this on my street and on my lawn but a track would be super ideal! Lets not talk about the fact that the first part of my workout was outside in the dark… Goodbye 6am bright summer mornings!

The workout: Sprint for 5-8 seconds (about 200 yards) and then do 1 minute of abs. Rest and repeat once = 10 sprints and 8 minutes of abs.

This took me about 12 minutes to complete and I was awfully sweaty by the end of it!

Sprint and ab workout

Just in case… here are links explaining how to perform the ab exercises:

Plank knee-to-elbow 


Bicycle abs 

and… to plank-it-out…


Hope you are able to squeeze in a workout today and have a great Tuesday!


Do you incorporate sprint workouts in your workout schedule?

What’s your favorite ab exercise or workout?

27 thoughts on “Sprint & Ab Workout

  1. I actually just started doing sprints as a part of my workout (30 seconds running/30 seconds complete rest) and I’ve been loving it! I feel like I get such a good cardio workout in just 10 minutes.

    My favourite ab workout is um, none. I hate working out my abs! :P But if I had to choose, I’d say bicycle crunches.

  2. For this workout, do you just do your sprints in place at the gym, do you actually run around, or do you do them on a treadmill? I like how you switch it up! I might need to try this ONCE I’m back in the running game too (I like Davida’s style).

  3. Love this workout! I think it would be good to incorporate some sprints into my half marathon training. I’ve heard it helps with endurance so might as well try it! And I try to do at least a short (as in 30 seconds haha) ab workout everyday. Usually it’s just crunches, but if I’m really feeling like pushing myself, I’ll do 1 minute+ each regular and side planks. Talk about feeling the burn!

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