Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: August 18 – 24

Hi everyone! How was your Saturday? Hope you had a good day :)

Planning time!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

I am determined to have a great week of workouts and food because Saturday is RACE DAY! I am running in this 10K and am really excited. I feel like I have done a good job in my training and fueling my body and want to stay on track this week too. I set my PR yesterday: 53:29 wooohoo!

I got a head start on food prep yesterday and finished it off this morning.

Lunch prep

For lunch, my awesome Dad grilled some extra chicken breasts for me and then I roasted butternut squash and zucchini — my easy, nutritious go-to portable meal. Veggies (baby carrots, peppers, cucumber) fruit (apples, bananas, peaches, berries), nuts and seeds, plenty of nut butter and oats are also in full supply this week.

My Pinterest boards are overflowing with “recipes to make.” I have so many recipes from other bloggers and websites that I want to try so I am determined to make more recipes each week.

I tried a few this weekend for some extra snacks: blueberry banana protein bread from Fit Cupcaker and cinnamon raisin bars from Ingredients of a Fit Chick. I made the bread as muffins instead…

Blueberry banana protein muffins

Cinnamon Raisin bars


Weekly plan


Meals & Snacks

  • Zeggs for breakfast… seriously so good!
  • Grilled chicken
    and roasted veggies for lunch
  • Blueberry banana protein bread… snack 
  • Cinnamon raisin bars… snack
  • Sweet potato nachos… dinner
  • Baked salmon and eggplant pizzas… dinner
  • Breakfast for dinner… duh



Sunday: Run (6km) and Insanity cardio abs workout (20 minutes)

Monday: Sprint workout – TBD

Tuesday: Insanity (45 minutes)

Wednesday: Yoga (1 hour)

Thursday: Run (7km)

Friday: OFF – walk and stretch

Saturday: *RACE DAY*


I may be a bit of a nerd but planning my meals and workouts really help to keep me organized and on-track. I’m off to check out a gym this afternoon! It’s time to join one… I hate running in the cold [so sad summer is ending but my fall wardrobe is more fun.]

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Do you plan your workouts? 

Are you training for a race or competition?

18 thoughts on “Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: August 18 – 24

  1. Yum! Your chicken, zucchini and butternut squash look delicious! I have all those things and might just have to make that today for my lunches! I keep seeing sweet potato nachos but still have yet to try them. Need to one of these days!

  2. I love those sweet potato nachos!

    I never really plan my workouts – I like to just see what I feel like doing each day. But I think I’m definitely going to need to start planning once I start my internship in September because I’m not going to have as much time. It’ll be much faster to go into the gym with a plan!

    1. I know when they are planned I will do them and keep myself accountable. I am not a huge cheese person so I might do the nachos sans cheese… thinking feta might be weird?

  3. The food looks deelish! And great meal prep! I need to do more lunch prep and then maybe I can eat better for lunch too.

    Today starts my half marathon training! :) Good luck on your race!

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