Weekly Meal & Workout Plan: August 4 – 10

Hi friends! How is your weekend going? My weekend is not quite over yet because it is a holiday tomorrow in the good ole land of Canada. Yay! So technically I have an extra day to meal plan and prep before the work week begins.

Even though I love prepping, cooking and baking I am feeling a little kitchen-tired-out. I am keeping meals as simple as possible this week. I am planning on making (and freezing) [these] white bean burgers this afternoon. I’m also prepping for a few other easy meals [keep reading] by steaming frozen vegetables, chopping fresh ones and washing fruit. Nothing too exciting going on in this kitchen right now.


Weekly plan


  • Cauliflower fried rice with veggies and edamame (recipe testing!)
  • Chicken and veggies on the BBQ
  • White bean burgers
  • Breakfast for dinner… duh



Sunday: Boxing (1 hour)

Monday: Hill run: 4km plus 10 minutes of hill sprints

Tuesday: Yoga (1 hour)

Wednesday: Short run: 6.5km

Thursday: Insanity (45 minutes)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Long(er) run: 8.5km


How is your weekend so far?

Did you plan your meals and workouts for the week?


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