5 Ways to Become a Morning Workout Person

Beep! Beep! Beep! Rise & shine!

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Okay who actually uses a real alarm clock anymore? Helloooo smartphone!

If you are new around here, (welcome!) you might not know that I am a morning person. Typically, four of my six weekly workouts occur between the hours of 5:30am and 10am (depending on my schedule).

Did you freak out reading 5:30am?! A few years ago I would have freaked out too. But now I feel incomplete without a morning sweat session. This morning consisted of Insanity from 5:30-6:30am. Love having Shaun T yell at me before the sun comes up.

There are so many awesome benefits to working out in the am.

You will…

Feel energized to take on the rest of your day.

Jump start your metabolism.

Have more time to do the rest of the things you love.

Always be able to fit it into your schedule.



That’s all awesome right? So how do you actually workout in the am?

Rise and Shine

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1. Create a plan of attack: In order to get you and your body on a new schedule, you need to make a few small, slow adjustments. Plan to get to bed by 10pm for three consecutive nights before jumping into a morning workout. Plan to incorporate one morning workout a week and then gradually build up once you feel more comfortable.


2. Commit to your morning workout: It won’t be fun at first. You are going to want to hit snooze but it is so important to persevere through this feeling. Force yourself out of bed and create this habit. Commitment is the most challenging part: believe that you can and will wake up for your workout. Then put that belief into action. You can do it :)

Donald Duck

Yes you might feel like this at first… 

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3. Pick a workout that you will enjoy: If you hate spinning, don’t decide to go to the 6:30am spin class at the gym. Do something that you will want to do. If you are not going to be happy about doing it then you definitely will not get up to do it. I have a newfound love for strength training so I have no problem getting up for some kettle-bell swings!

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4. Prepare the night before: Lay out your clothes, gear, iPod, snacks, water etc. the night before so you have easy access to everything and can head straight out the door. No excuse if everything is ready :)

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5. Set your alarm: or two, or three or four… I set a bunch of alarms with motivational messages to get me going. Also, it is handy to keep your alarm/phone farther than arms reach away– forcing you to get out of bed!



Completing my workout in the morning was one of the best decisions I made in my weight loss journey and making my lifestyle changes. I love beginning my day with a good workout: I’m energized, my metabolism is revved and I have lots of other time to do everything else.

What are your thoughts about working out in the morning?

Fellow early risers: any other tips to share?! 

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Become a Morning Workout Person

  1. I work out early too! My alarm usually goes off at 4:30 or 5:00 in order for me to squeeze it in. I also lay out all my stuff before I go to bed, that definitely helps. I also allow myself one “screw it and snooze” day a week in case my body just can’t do it one morning (I used that one up today…..). It just means I’ll have to make up that workout another day.

  2. I admire you.
    I have always been a morning person and an early morning sweat session was always my favourite way to start my day. Though now I have a 10 month old baby that is awake by 6 every morning so if I want to get an am workout in I’d have to be up by 5am, and I’m ashamed to say it hasn’t happened. This post might be just what I needed to get back on the boat, my alarm is being set for 5am tomorrow morning!

    1. I am so so happy to hear that you set your alarm! YAY. But you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I only have myself to think about. I admire YOU — you’re a mom and living a healthy and active life.

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