Fitness Friday: Boxing Workout #1

Hi friends :) cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

As you know… or maybe you don’t if you are new around here (welcome!)… I love going to boxing but it’s making my pockets feel a little empty. The membership to the gym I go to is not cheap so I am not going to renew it once it finishes. All about budgeting remember?

But… I’m not giving it up entirely, no way Jose. Solution? Make my own boxing class! After countless classes I’d like to think I learned a few things. This is a fun, high intensity, cardio and strength workout (and a total aggression reliever).

I did not want to keep the fun all to myself… sharing is caring after all… so here you go! As always, I have links explaining the exercises below the workout.

Have fun… don’t knock anyone out :)

Boxing Workout 1


Get into your boxing stance:

-If you are right-handed, stand with your left foot forward; lefties, right foot forward.

-Bend your knees slightly and keep your core tight.

-Put your hands up, on either side of your face.

-Use your core to turn your body (at the hips) to throw each punch.

Straight punches: punch straight in-front of you, alternating hands.

Hooks: bend your elbow (to about 90 degrees) and punch at the air in-front of you.

Uppercuts: punch in an upwards motion toward your face, alternating hands.

Strength exercises:

Burpee sprawls



Bicycle abs

Dolphin plank

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks to Jill for the link-up.

Have you done a boxing class or workout before?

What are some of your favorite at-home exercises?


19 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Boxing Workout #1

  1. Whoa, that looks intense!! I’ve always heard such great things about boxing, I’m always so scared to try it though, no idea why! I used to love doing those Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos in college, bahaha, probably not the same thing at all. Anyways, I need a good workout like this to let off stress and work my upper body and basic strength!

  2. If I do them it has to be in private – I look ridiculous!! I don’t think my form is great so I look like I’m fighting my way out of a paper bag!! However whilst on your blog I’ve just spied the most yummy looking brownies on your instagram feed!

    1. Don’t worry, I totally looked more than ridiculous for the first month or so. The brownies are quite delicious and not-so-secretly good for you!

  3. I would love to try a boxing class but, as you referred to, the cost has been a deal breaker right now. So, I’m happily doing my P90X kickboxing at home. Honestly love them but a class would be so cool. Other than my all time fav P90X, I love Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVDs for home workouts.

      1. If you want my advice don’t go through with Insanity. Yes you’ll lose weight, but you will lose muscle as well – there’s not enough weight training in the program. I’ve had plenty of friends do insanity only to come out with skinny shriveled looking bodies not muscular lean bodies. Check out the MMA Ripped program written by Eric Wong to get a better physique. A review of the program can be found on my website.

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