Jump! [WIAW 4]

Before I get into some recent eats, let’s talk fitness!

Last night, Davida and I did a “SkyRobics” class at Sky Zone — which is an indoor trampoline park! I was not quite sure what to expect but people have been raving about this killer trampoline workout so we decided to give it a try.

Amy Davida

Fabulous idea.

Amy Davida jumping

The class combined all types of jumping (awesome cardio), strength exercises and a solid ab workout. While we wished the instructors were a bit more organized, it was a great time and we certainly sweat… a lot.

I love trying different types of workouts! But now that I am starting to train for a 10K race next month my first race ever, my main focus is on running. I love to run… but I love other activities too. My goal is to incorporate my other favorite workouts (boxing, yoga, lifting) as part of a balanced training schedule. Win win!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a full day of food to share (I hope that’s okay with Jenn — thanks for hosting!) but rather a collection of eats from the past few days.

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What I Ate Wednesday Lately

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1. Lots of fruit with yogurt and scrambled egg whites with spinach. Summer fruit is my favorite! Berries and pineapple have been particularly awesome lately.

2. Greek yogurt topped with apple pieces, raisins and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Loving this as my after dinner snack — it’s a protein packed apple pie!

3. Hemp seeds on everything: like salads… spinach, cucumber and peppers topped with this superfood. New obsession! Hemp is a complete vegetarian source of protein; it contains all the essential amino acids, healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fat.

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4. Sushi! Cucumber avocado rolls wrapped in brown rice are my go-to. I’m still a bit freaked out by raw fish…

5. More avocado: this time in colorful summer salads. So yum.

6. Black bean brownies! Random combo. Not so random chocolate-y deliciousness. I posted the recipe yesterday!

What have you been eating (and loving) lately?

Would you try a trampoline workout class? 

12 thoughts on “Jump! [WIAW 4]

  1. Woah- those black bean brownies look crazy good! (Melty chocolate, I can dig it)
    I gotta find somewhere to trampoline because that looks like so much fun.
    Your avocado salad looks like a delicious rainbow. Mmmm

  2. SkyRobics! I saw that place mentioned on the news a few months back and have been wanting to try it out ever since. There are no facilities close to me, though:( I’m going to try out your Black Bean Brownies, maybe when it gets a bit cooler here (and won’t feel as though I’m baking my house along with the brownies!) They look delicious!!

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