What I Ate Wednesday [2]

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday woohoo! Another day of Wednesday eats :)

Last week I shared my first day of food for What I Ate Wednesday. I had a lot of fun so I am going to try and make this a regular thing! Round two… sorry for a few recycled photos!

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What I Ate [Last] Wednesday
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1. Breakfast: I had a nearly empty jar of peanut butter so that means… overnight oats in a nut-butter jar! The BEST creation ever! Wednesdays are my 6am workout days with Igor so this was a super easy breakfast to pack to bring to the office. I’ll post the recipe tonight!

2. Morning Snack: I had an easy protein shake. Part of my sensible snacking is to have one protein shake a day in order to attain my fitness goals. So far I have been feeling great.

3. Lunch: Bean, quinoa and mushroom veggie burger with 1/2 whole wheat pita, some hummus and veggies. Yum!

4. Afternoon Snack #1: I was still a bit hungry so I snacked on some cherries and almonds. Sensible? I think so.

5. Afternoon Snack #2: I had a peanut butter granola bar to tie me over until dinner. Also sensible, I did not want to be ravishing come dinner time and stuff my face.

6. Dinner: I still had leftovers from my Meatless Monday dinner, so I enjoyed a cook-free evening of “spaghetti” and “meatballs.”

7. After Dinner Snack: I had plain Greek yogurt (sweetened with a drizzle of honey) with raspberries and blueberries. Greek yogurt 3 hours (or so…) before bed gives me an extra protein boost.

Packing nutritious, filling lunches and sensible snacks to take to work was challenging for me at first. It was time consuming and not very fun. I was running around in the morning trying to workout,  get dressed, do my hair, eat breakfast, pack a lunch anddd make it to work on time — craziness!

But now I meal plan and prep so I am ready to take on the week with healthy eats!

Here’s a quick refresher:

-Plan your meals and snacks for the week: this is not set in stone but it is a great guideline.

-Go grocery shopping to get everything you need: make a list and check it twice!

-Prep your food on Sundays: chop, slice, bake, wash, play some music and you’re done.

-Pack food the night before for when you are on-the-go: avoid crazyyy mornings.

That’s really all there is to it!

What’s the best thing you made this week? 

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6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday [2]

  1. I have yet to try overnight oats in a jar, but I bet they are delicious! Your quinoa/bean burgers look so tasty! I am definitely pinning those for later. :-)
    The best thing I’ve had this week was probably a chocolate/raisin truffle I made. :-)

    1. I’m posting the recipe for overnight oats in a jar later, hope you try it! Checking out your chocolate/raisin truffle now… sounds great!

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