How To: Food Prep

Is it super nerdy that I really look forward to food prep?! It’s a bit therapeutic. I typically grocery shop and prep on Sunday mornings to have delicious food ready to go for the rest of the week.

Prep once eat healthy all week



All it takes is three easy steps: 

1. The first step in order to food prep is to figure out what you are going to eat for the week, aka meal plan.

Your meal plan does not need to be set in stone but rather act as a guide. For instance, I pretty much plan my lunches for the week but am flexible for dinner because I have more time to cook when I get home from work. Just figure out what works best for you!

Click here to print a great weekly meal planner via Gifts We Use.

Weekly Plan - Feb 2014

2. Okay now that you’ve mostly planned things out, the next step is to get all of your ingredients… hello grocery shopping! Another one of my favourite activities :)

Grocery List1

3. Now that you have all of your food, it is time to prep. I chop vegetables, wash fruit, cook grains, protein, make snacks… just to name a few.

Check out this post for full details on my food prep routine.

Food Prep Feb 9, 2014

And that’s all there is to it :) You are now ready to tackle a healthy and happy week…make that, life!

If you have any questions, just ask…good luck!

16 thoughts on “How To: Food Prep

    1. Thanks Kelly! Prepping definitely makes a big difference :) It really allows me to enjoy my week. Let me know how your prep goes this weekend!

  1. Your week’s chow looks inviting and certainly hell….thy! My question is whether ya can drop some lb’s eating this “regimen?” Oui or non?

      1. Man (ah…I mean “woman”), you are on top of your reply postings — eye yam impressed! Thanks for the feedback, L.H.B.

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