Moksha Yoga Discovery

Hello busy bees! Another work week has come to an end and we Canadians have the Victoria Day long weekend to look forward to… yay!

After work today, I headed to yoga. Following a long and busy week, 60-minutes of sweaty stretching was just perfect.

I recently started doing Moksha yoga at a studio by my office. Not only is Moksha a great calorie-blaster (you’re in a 100+ degree Fahrenheit room so you sweat like crazy!) it is also extremely relaxing and good for your body. Moksha hot yoga stretches, strengthens and tones your muscles while calming your mind. Yes please!

Moksha Ext

When doing hot yoga you NEED to lay a towel on top of your mat. If you don’t, your mat will become slippy-slidy (yup, from your sweat) and you won’t be able to do any of the poses.

I was on a mission to find the perfect yoga towel. The first one I tried out stayed on the mat quite well (it had a grippy bottom) but when I washed it the purple dye ran everywhere… thankfully I washed it separately so it didn’t stain any clothes– only the bathtub.

So… I exchanged it for another Gaiam product: the thirsty yoga towel in teal blue. It’s great! It does not break the bank and stays on the mat just fine (a few adjustments needed here and there).

Yoga Towel

That’s the towel! It’s super soft and I love the colours.

I purchased it at Chapters/Indigo and it comes in other great colors.

Are you thinking about trying yoga? Here are a few simple poses to help get you started with your practice.

Side-note: I love reading Women’s Health, SELF and Health magazines. They have great articles (like the one above) that are informative and enjoyable.


Do you have any special plans for the Victoria Day weekend?

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