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Welcome to the Little Honey Bee — thank you for stopping by. My name is Amy and my blog will share my (mostly!) healthy lifestyle: recipes, workouts and other fun things that I hope you will enjoy.
Honesty is truly the best policy so I will be open from the start: I never saw myself as a  “blog” person — sure I have read my fair share but I did not really consider ever starting one of my own.
Who would really care what I had to say?! Maybe you don’t care (hm…) but that’s okay because blogging is the 2013 version of keeping a diary. Seriously. With the social media take-over of today nothing is private anymore. I will not be spilling my deepest and darkest secrets on the Little Honey Bee, so sad I know, but I hope you find other information somewhat helpful. Happy reading!
I recently moved back to Toronto from four wonderful years in Boston– where I went to school. I miss Newbury Street and my little apartment dearly. Transitioning and creating a new workout/grocery/meal planning/cooking schedule on-top of a full-time job is not easy but yes, it is do-able. In just a few short weeks I was able to establish a *new* happy and healthy lifestyle.
Here are five things that I learned:
1. Take your time in establishing a new routine: If you are like me, you want to jump right back into your “old schedule” — it is what you have been used to for so long. But that really is not a reality when you move to a new city or begin a new situation. When you come to terms with the fact that things are going to be different, it makes everything a whole lot easier.
2. Do your research: Okay, now that you have realized that your life is not going to be exactly the same start working to re-establish the things you love. My priorities: yoga studio and boxing gym. Thank you Google. Look up some potential places that you are interested in finding out more about. Call them to schedule a free trial (most places are pretty good about doing this!)
3. Try, try and try again: Hated the first gym/yoga studio/personal trainer? Fear not. There is always another place to try. You have to be happy so keep trying until you are 99% satisfied– nothing is totally perfect.
4. Ask for help: It is okay to lean on your support system. Family and friends are there for you when you ask. Yes, you want to maintain your independence but sometimes talking about things out-loud helps you to better make decisions.
5. Breathe: In through your nose, out through your mouth. It works every time.
What is something you have learned when tackling a transition of any kind?

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