I have been trying to get on a blogging “schedule.”

As I’ve mentioned, life has picked up a little (hello, new job!) and as much as I want to blog, create new recipes, workouts and talk to you all the time… that’s just not realistic right now. But rather than getting overwhelmed, I have made a plan. Yes, I like plans. They are helpful and they work.

I plan on posting three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I realize this is half of what I had been doing but I hope you can understand.

As much as I want to link-up my weekly plans every Sunday with Laura and spill it with Arman, my fit tips every Tuesday with Lisa, my eats every Wednesday with Jenn and think out loud on Thursday with Amanda – I felt like I was putting too much pressure on myself to do so. Blogging has become a huge part of my life but sharing quality posts is really important to me. I don’t want to post “just to post”.

I love posting weekly plans, life recaps, tips, travel, workouts, what I ate, recipes, nutrition and reflections – and you can still expect to see all of those good things, just not as often. I still have lots I want to share with you and I hope you will stick around.

samantha [Image source]

Remember this line? It makes me giggle. I am sooo polar opposite to Samantha but you know what I mean :)

I write what I want to write but I very much value your feedback and input so please tell me in the comments what you enjoy reading – what do you want to see more of or less of? Tips, workouts, what I ate, recaps, weekly plans, nutrition?

If you miss me, feel free to keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram – but let’s be real, you probably have lots more important things to do.

Okay, now that we have that out in the open… time to discuss some food and fitness.

I have been making these “leftover hash bowls” a lot lately. Basically, I throw whatever I have in my fridge (thank you food prep) into a skillet and call it dinner. It’s perfect after a long day and long commute. In the mix: 2 eggs, grass fed ground beef, kale, parsnips and brussels sprouts. Add a little salsa on-top… boom. Simple, healthy, delicious dinner for one.

Leftovers hash1

But it’s always nice to have some company for dinner and take a break from cooking – like on Friday. Lesley came home for the weekend so we went out for a family dinner.

I tried an oyster!


I know, exciting. Oysters are amazing for you (rich in omega-3 and tonssss of zinc). It was good but slimy but I’ll eat them again. I ordered a cobb salad (with variations) and my dad gave me his veggies: lettuce, chicken, avocado, egg, tomatoes (plus balsamic) and asparagus, carrots and broccoli. YUM! It is possible to go out to eat and still eat real, nutritious food :)

Bayview Salad Dinner

I went to CrossFit on Saturday morning, worked in the afternoon and had friends over for dinner and to watch Final Four. I made baked salmon

, sweet potato fries 
, parsnip fries and broccoli. Such a nice evening.

Salmon, Fries, Broccoli Dinner

Sunday was filled with gardening (more on this eventually but I can already tell I am going to become obsessed and it’s a more realistic option than a farm right now), running, rowing and prepping. I was such a nice day so I took advantage and enjoyed 5 miles before practicing my rowing at CrossFit. I perfected a recipe for you guys (coming Friday!) and worked on my food photography with Les before finishing my food prep. All in all, good weekend.

Planting Seeds

Food Prep April 6, 2014

When life gets busy it’s easy to let things spiral a bit out of control. It’s easy to skip your food prep, ditch the gym and order pizza every night for dinner. Taking time for yourself is important and so is rest and so is taking a night off from cooking. But it’s when these things turn into a habit rather than an occasion that you’ve lost your balance. I make it a priority to plan my workouts, prep some food and plan my meals. Keep it simple. Of course things come up and things don’t always go according to plan, so we adjust. I wasn’t always good at this. I thought “once it is in the agenda, it’s in the agenda.” But that’s not life.

So plan your meals and plan your workouts. Food prep and practice healthy habits. Because those are all good things. But it doesn’t mean that you are crazy or have to be crazy about it.

Weekly Plan - Feb 2014


Pre-workout snack: hard boiled egg and nuts or 1/2 avocado or spoonful of nut butter/coconut butter

Post-workout snack: hard boiled egg and banana or sweet potato

Meal ideas: 

  • Eggs with everything [descriptive, I know]
  • Ground beef + tomato sauce + spinach + veggie “noodles”
  • Chicken sausages OR ground beef + sweet potato + roasted brussels sprouts/broccoli
  • Shredded chicken
    + spinach + avocado + banana + nuts (my go-to lunch)
  • Chicken sausages  + spinach + avocado + banana + nuts
  • “Leftover hash bowl”: shredded chicken
     + spaghetti squash + veggies + salsa/tomato sauce
  • “Leftover hash bowl”: ground beef + spaghetti squash + veggies + salsa/tomato sauce



  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nuts
  • Avocado and carrots
  • Banana and nut butter



Sunday: Run + Rowing Practice

Monday: Spinning

Tuesday: CrossFit

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit

Friday: Run

Saturday: Off


I posted kind of a fun Q&A yesterday and nominated some awesome ladies for the Liebster award so if you missed it, be sure to check it out :)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and I’ll talk to you on Wednesday!


Questions of the day…

Are we still friends? 

What do you want to see more of/less of? I value your feedback and input, please let me know :)

What did you do this weekend? 


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56 thoughts on “Blogging Update, Weekend & Weekly Plan: April 6-12

  1. swissfitchick

    Oh I completely understand the pressure of blogging. I mysefl cut back long ago with my daily posts – it simply wasn’t doable anymore. As long as you don’t go away completely, I think we all are ok with your plan :-)
    I made some amazing sweet potato beef burgers during my meal prep yesterday – totally inspired by your salmon cakes! Love them!
    AND, I practised my Crossfit skills yesterday too – double Unders and Handstand. Oh my.


    1. Amy Post author

      Yum! Those burgers sound delicious. I saw your Instagram with your CrossFit skills… so awesome! Still working on my handstand :)


  2. Cat

    Aw as much as it’ll be sad to read less of ya, I massively respect your choice! It’s something I’ve struggled with a bit lately – trying to do ALL THE THINGS, and stressing about not being able to :/


    1. Amy Post author

      “ALL THE THINGS” <– couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s so true, sometimes we just need to take a step back. Thank you for understanding :)


  3. taramdeal

    Yay for a plan!! I have actually been stressing about having zero time to do every single thing too!!! I love everything you do girl, so just write from the heart and enjoy it!


  4. Tara Newman

    I am right there with you on the blogging so we are definitely still friends!! I think you do a great job talking about food and your recipes so I like those posts. You also do a great job conveying how your are feeling which I can usually relate to. Happy Monday!


    1. Amy Post author

      Good thing I have some food/recipes coming this week :) thank you for the support Tara, happy Monday to you too!


  5. Kim @ BusyBod

    Can the whole blogging world just collectively agree to post three days a week? I think it would make ALL of our lives easier. Less reading, less writing, still lots of content. I’m working my way down to three posts a week too (I should probably share that information so it doesn’t seem like I’m fading away). I feel like I was posting every day but Saturday because that’s what everyone else was doing, but as you said, it was too much pressure and it was affecting the quality. Life is too short and too busy for that craziness. More importantly though, the garden is coming!!!! This is super exciting news. :)


  6. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Don’t worry about having to take a step back from blogging everyday! Blogging is supposed to reflect our lives, but I always feel like as soon as people put blogging before real life…they run out of things to talk about, because they aren’t out living ;-) just do what you gotta do!

    P.S. Love oysters, especially with a little bit of lemon juice!


  7. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    First of all, that SATC quote! I love it and I love Samantha, hehe. Secondly, way to go taking time for yourself! I keep feeling like I need to cut back and then I’ll have a slower week at work so it’s okay but then I get busy again. I say do what’s right for you and you’ll be much happier in the end!


  8. Mrs. Murphy's Law of Fitness

    I definitely think quality of the posts are more important than the quantity! You have to prioritize, and right now focusing on your new job definitely sounds like if should be on top of the list! I’ve tried oysters once, but the slimy texture was too much for me to handle! My husband says I would probably like them better if they are cooked, so I might give those a go..


    1. Amy Post author

      Is it weird that I didn’t know you could cook oysters?! Yes, it’s weird haha. Because you can obviously cook just about anything! Oh my… where is my brain.


  9. Ashley

    I’m a big fan of quality over quantity! There are a lot of blogs that just post way too much of the same stuff, but they have a few really good posts sprinkled in so I don’t want to unfollow them and miss those posts! I have dialed down the link-ups myself, just because I don’t want to post the same stuff over and over as well. Sometimes you just need a break! I won’t go anywhere :)


    1. Amy Post author

      I loveeee writing it out! It definitely helps to keep me organized. I used to just write it on a stickie note, but now that I have a blog I write it here :)


  10. Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon

    I have started blogging M/W/F and I love having the schedule. The reason why I don’t do any link ups is because of that very reason- it fits you into a box and it is hard to write around them if you want to still link up. I have done Olives ‘n Wine Treat Yourself Tuesdays before, but now it is hard since I don’t really have time Monday nights to plan that post.

    I want to follow you all over the place and keep in touch so you can be sure I’ll be stalking that Insta account of yours to see all your delicious eats! I love your leftovers bowl- I throw salsa on everything and love it so much.


    1. Amy Post author

      You could not have said it better re: link-ups. I have been pretty steady with WIAW so I need to now get myself out of that box. Oh and you’re the best. Expect an email asap. xo


  11. Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

    Love this! You do you — we will all still be totally loyal readers even though you’re not posting and linking up daily!!! I’m actually stopping Fit Tip Tuesday (tomorrow is the last one ever) because I’m cutting back to posting on MWF as well! It’s too crazy and too much pressure to write something every day, especially when you’re not a full time blogger. My favorite posts of yours are recipes and meal planning!! :)



    1. Amy Post author

      M, W, F crew unite! Should we start a link up for that? Totally kidding… LOVE YOU and thank you for the input (recipe coming Friday) xx


  12. shinyloveaffair

    That’s so fun that you’re planting a veggie garden! I want to get around to doing it eventually so can’t wait for your tips. I have a hard time keeping my herb plants alive so I need some serious help.


  13. Allie @ Running on Peanut Butter

    It’s so important to find a schedule that works for you! Helllo, I had such a busy weekend and didn’t even have the time or energy to turn my computer on and do a post for today. First time that’s every happened, but I say whatevaaaa! Life happens. I think bloggers all realize how crazy our lives can get, and deep down I bet a lot of bloggers WISH they could take a step back like you are to refresh everything. You’re just strong and smart enough to do it. Obvi I LOVE your food and CrossFit posts the most, but I am biased. :) Honestly though, I will read anything you talk about, because I adore you that much.


    1. Amy Post author

      I was wondering where you were in my Bloglovin feed. I forgive you :) Thank you (as always) for your support. I know I owe you an email so expect one as soon as I can. PS. Cute (new) guy at CrossFit this weekend! I will let you know ;)


  14. Megan (The Lyons' Share)

    We are still friends!!!! I think this is great for you. I thoroughly believe in quality over quantity, and for the same reason I’ve been thinking about reducing from 4x/ week to 3x/ week. Link ups are SO fun, but not always practical in our time-constrained world. And I hope you LOVE gardening! I do – I don’t have a green thumb at all (Texas summers don’t help), and probably less than half of my attempts actually produce edible produce, but I savor and love every bite of whatever I do grow!


  15. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    Of course we are stil friends silly! Blogging with a full time job is damn hard work and I’ve been trying to find a balance too. I’ve taken days off and full weeks off because sometimes life gets in the way and like you is rather post quality over quantity for the sake of it!


  16. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    I’m glad your trying to not let blogging stress you out! I am not posting much this next month, other than recaps that are more for me than anything. School is coming first! That cobb salad looks really good,I feel like the items on them are typically such small pieces.


  17. thesavedrunner

    Duh we are still friends! I think it’s great that you have come up with a blogging schedule that will work for you! I will look forward to hearing from you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! :) This weekend I, as you already know, ran a marathon! That was definitely the highlight of what I did. :)


  18. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    I can completely relate to finding the appropriate time to allocate to the blog. I’m currently juggling school and work too, but don’t want to let my blog go. I like the idea of having 3 dedicated days to post – I might have to adopt that too. It seems like it will ease the pressure of trying to always come up with something to post.


  19. Kelsey

    Totally still friends! I think I need to commit to a schedule. I was trying to do it all, but like you said, it just isn’t realistic. 3 days a week sounds good to me, so I might have to jump into that. I love your nutrition posts/meal planning. I think they are really helpful!


  20. Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen

    It’s good to see you’re putting yourself first! As you know, I’ve had to cut back on blogging for similar reasons and I seriously don’t regret it one bit! Also I don’t really participate in link ups for the same reason – I want to write quality posts, not just posts for the sake of posting. That being said, link ups are still fun to do every once in a while!


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