Hi busy bees! How are you today? I am very happy that the week is almost over — it’s been a long one. But I do have something new to share :) For those of you 9-5ers confined to a desk all day this post is definitely for you.

Awhile back, I wrote about my new-found pains from sitting at a desk all day and some things I do to keep my mind and body sane. [Refresher: read here] Being new to the working world this was definitely an adjustment for me.

Well I decided that something needed to change a bit more drastically because even with these healthy steps (stretching, walks at lunch etc) my back and shoulders still ached. And no I didn’t quit my job. So…



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It was time to invest in a balance ball chair! [no that's not me... I would not wear those sandals.] I ordered this chair from Gaiam because I love some of their other products [like this yoga towel] but there were a few speed bumps along the way:

1. It took 6 weeks and a phone call before I actually received the chair. Apparently the first chair was “lost” in the mail. How do you lose a box this big?


2. Of course I had to put the chair together myself and the Ikea-esque instructions were not ideal… I need words people! And no, I did not crumple the page in frustration — it arrived this way.


3. So once I got the base put together it was time to pump up the ball. Oh wait. The pump was faulty.


[Image source] 

Okay now that we’ve dealt with that; the good:

  • Receiving a package at work is so exciting! And the delivery man was the sweetest person alive… he wished me a happy birthday!! Adorable.
  • Once I got over my fear of construction, it was relatively easy to put together. Yes the lack of working pump posed a challenge but thankfully the one I had at home did the trick!



  • It’s been four days and I absolutely LOVE THE CHAIR!
  • The first day was a tough transition because I really wanted to slouch and my back was engaged allll day — a little tiring at first… but there is a back so I can recline if I really want to.
  • But my butt has not been this happy in awhile, my shoulders are feeling awesome and my posture is Kate Middleton status — score!
  • Seriously, it’s great.
  • I don’t have to worry about adjusting the chair’s height because my body weight sinks into the ball and creates the perfect height.
  • Goodbye annoying arm rests that interfere with my constant typing!
  • I may or may not have done a few mini-office workouts with my new ball…

Happy working girl :)

P.S. Today is the last day to enter the Energybits giveaway! Don’t forget :)

I will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning along with a yummy recipe for Cauliflower Fried Rice!

Cauliflower Fried Rice2


Do you sit at a desk all day? 

What are some strategies you do in order to keep your body feeling good?

Thoughts on a balance ball chair?! 


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16 thoughts on “A New Chair

  1. Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen

    This chair is so awesome! I don’t sit at a desk all day, but I would still love a chair like that for when I’m at the computer. I definitely notice I start to feel stiff and achy (especially in my back/neck) when I sit too long!


  2. Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    That chair looks AMAZING!! Wow, if I thought my office would allow it I would TOTALLY order one!! Sitting at my desk all day in a chair that’s not fitted properly for me is so terrible on my back and shoulders! Good for you for finally making a change towards being comfy!


    1. Amy Post author

      Never hurts to ask :) I was really uncomfortable/shy/nervous to ask my boss (and I was only working for 2 months at that point) but health is a priority so I knew I needed to suck it up, ask and the worst thing she could say was no. Thankfully she said yes!


  3. Danielle @Labelsfortincans

    Very cool! I usually sit on my stability ball and try to go for a whole lot of walks each day to loosen things up! I usually get up every 50 minutes or so. Trying to do a bit of yoga/foam rolling/pilates every day is always a goal… but doesn’t always happen.


  4. foodiemeetsfitness

    That chair looks AWESOME!! I so want one.

    My job involves my sitting in front of a computer all the time, but since I work from home, I’m constantly getting up and walking around. I also work with my computer on my kitchen island so I can stand while I work. A lot of days I take my dog for a long walk around lunchtime or take a few minutes to stretch. Keeps me from feeling like I’m on a bump on a log all day long!


    1. Amy Post author

      Oh yes walking is so necessary! Love that you use your kitchen island to stand — I looked at a standing up desk but that was a little pricy.


  5. Caroline

    I’ve seen this chair before, awesome that you actually got it! I hate sitting down at work all day.. I’m really feeling it in my back and shoulders.


  6. Kelly Runs for Food

    I would totally get this if my office would let me! I spend a lot of time at my desk. Luckily our office is temporarily separated into two different buildings so I find a lot of excuses to walk to the other side throughout the day.


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